Hex Breaking: A Guide to Breaking Curses and Removing Negative Energy

How Curses and Hexes Work

Have you been feeling unlucky lately, like you just can’t catch a break? Do you feel weighed down by unseen forces, or that someone has wished you ill? You may be suffering under a hex or curse. Hexes and curses are forms of malevolent magic, meant to cause harm. But don’t worry – this darkness can be cleansed with light. There are time-honored rituals and practices for hex breaking, curse removal, and spiritual cleansing. With some basic knowledge, you can break the spell and reclaim your power.

What is a Hex?

A hex is a specific type of curse or jinx, meant to cause harm or misfortune. Hexes can affect any area of someone’s life – their luck, health, relationships, finances, and more. Hexes use negative energy and intent to disrupt the target’s energetic balance. This negative energy manifests in the physical world through bad luck and hardship. Hexes can also affect someone’s state of mind, emotions, and even their own energy field. A powerful hex can follow someone for years, draining their vitality and causing chronic misfortune.

Common Effects of Hexes

Hexes manifest in many ways, but some common experiences are:

  • Constant bad luck and misfortune
  • Feeling cursed or jinxed
  • Poor health that medical tests can’t diagnose
  • Nightmares and disturbed sleep
  • Anxiety, depression, and dark thoughts
  • Strained relationships and friendships falling apart
  • Loss of energy and constant tiredness
  • Financial and career problems

If several of these issues apply to you for an extended time, you may be dealing with a hex. But not all persistent problems are due to magic – it’s important to rule out mundane causes first. Either way, curse removal can help lift the cloud of misfortune.

Signs You May Be Hexed

How can you tell a run of bad luck from a true hex? Here are some common signs:

  • The issues started suddenly or “out of the blue”
  • They disrupt major life areas – like health, love, money
  • The problems resist logical solutions
  • You intuitively sense a “dark cloud” over you
  • Electronics act strangely in your presence
  • You have vivid bad dreams or visions
  • People avoid or shun you for no clear reason
  • You constantly doubt yourself or feel “cursed”

You may also find strange or sinister objects hidden in your home or car – things like candles, dolls, bones, or tied bundles. These symbolic items are sometimes placed to “anchor” the hex. Finding one is a clear sign you’ve been targeted.

Who Hexes People and Why?

Most often, hexes come from someone close to the victim – a friend, family member, coworker, or lover. Jealousy over money, love, success or desirability often motivates hexes. The hexer may feel slighted, betrayed, or envious. Some reasons people hex others include:

  • Romantic Rivalry – Wanting an ex back or punishing romantic rejection
  • Jealousy – Punishing success or good fortune
  • Revenge – Retaliating for perceived wrongs or mistreatment
  • Control – Manipulating or influencing behavior
  • Greed – Hoping to inherit money or property
  • Malice – Wishing harm out of pure spite or hatred

Sadly, some people dabble in the dark arts without understanding the gravity of these rituals. But intent matters – even joking hexes can have an impact when powered by jealousy or malice.

5 Ways to Break a Hex or Curse

If you suspect you’re hexed, don’t worry – there are time-tested ways to break the spell. Here are five effective methods for curse removal and hex breaking:

1. Burn a Black Candle

Burning a black candle is one of the most basic but effective curse-breaking rituals. The black color absorbs and destroys negative energy. Light the candle each night for a week, visualizing the darkness of the hex being dissolved by the light. As the candle burns down, imagine the bad luck and misfortune melting away too.

2. Ritual Bath or Shower

A cleansing bath or shower helps purge bad vibes and strengthen your aura. Add a cup of sea salt, a dash of hyssop, rue, or eucalyptus oil, and a few drops of lemon juice to your bath water. As you soak or shower, visualize being bathed in sparkling, protective light. Chant a mantra like “I cleanse this curse from my heart, mind, and soul.”

3. Egg Cleansing

Rub a raw egg over your body starting at the crown, then flush it down the toilet. This absorbs negativity and bad energy from your aura. Visualize the egg drawing out the curse. You can also rub it over your home’s thresholds and windowsills to dispel hexed energy.

4. Light Cleansing Incense

Incense like frankincense, myrrh, sage, or sandalwood drives out negativity and restores harmony. Burn it while focused on your desire to break the hex. Chant affirmations like “I banish all darkness from my home.” Visualize the space filling with cleansing white light.

5. Consult a Spiritual Expert

For serious or long-term hexes, you may need a shaman, medicine man/woman, rootworker, or other spiritual expert. They have generations of magical wisdom passed down to them. A ceremony tailored to your unique situation can effectively drive out entrenched darkness. Be sure to get references to find an authentic practitioner.

BONUS: Set up Wards and Protection

Once broken, take steps to prevent future magical attacks. Create wards on your home by blessing doorways with oil, hanging protective herbs, or setting crystals in the windows. Wear amulets like evil eyes or ankhs to repel hexes on your person. Rituals like smudging and blessing can reinforce your renewed energetic autonomy.

After the Hex is Gone

Once the curse is broken, your luck will start to rebound. But some residue of the experience may linger. You may need to take practical steps to get your life fully back on track. Here are some areas to focus on after the removal:

  • Relationships – Make amends where bridges were burned. Seek counseling if needed to heal divisions. Avoid toxic connections associated with the hex.
  • Finances – Get clear on where you stand, shore up debts or losses. Change passwords and security to protect assets.
  • Health – Get medical checkups to treat any issues that arose. Make self-care and stress relief a priority.
  • Home – Deep cleanse your living space to clear out old energy. Rearrange furniture or update decor to refresh the vibes. Add plants, lights, or art to uplift the space.
  • Outlook – Release regrets, anger, fear, and self-blame. Replace doubtful narrative scripts with positive affirmations. Look for the lessons and growth opportunities.

Maintain a Magically Empowered Life

Freedom from a hex is just the first step in your new empowered life. Here are some tips for maintaining a magically strong aura long-term:

  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive people
  • Keep your vibrations high – avoid anger, jealousy, and spite
  • Practice spiritual rituals like meditation, prayer, or altar building
  • Wear or place protective talismans and charms in your space
  • Spend time in nature and absorb its cleansing energy
  • Trust your intuitive instincts – if you sense negativity, banish it
  • Forgive yourself and others – let go of resentment
  • Affirm your strength, worthiness and freedom each day

The spells that plagued you before can no longer touch you. Now is the time to fulfill your potential and embrace your destiny without limitations or fear. The light within you is stronger than any darkness. You’ve rediscovered your magical power – now is the time to truly thrive.

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