eye amulat

Liso(Eye) Amulet

repels all the bad and negative forces and energy while attracting good ones

magic ring

Magic ring

attracts love. fame, wealth, and good luck and success in everything you touch

magical Cain

magical cain

power symbol, command fear and respect from anyone

magical wallet

magical wallet

for wealth attraction, prosperity, and cash flow stability

Gambler's Amulet​

Gambler's Amulet

it’s for one who wants big wins. in love, career, studies, and most lottery.

The African Strength Amulet

Enhance your physical and emotional strength. increase sex appeal

Dream Weaver Amulet

Dream Weaver Amulet

get rid of the blurriness. Brings Clarity, Hope, and Opportunity in your life.

The Circle of Prosperity​

The Circle of Prosperity

This connects you with the right people, the top best people, and acts like a magnet that  they may notice you

The Earth Bangle​

The Earth Bangle

it calls upon good spirits to bring good luck and good love to the person who deserves to be surrounded by friends and family.

Voodoo doll

it most used for love, control, and luck. different dol for a purpose 

Lover Come Back to Me

powerful amulet to revive lost love in any relationship. now available

money tree

Money Tree

For the financial abundance, get this money because it exits