Smudging for Cleansing – Learn About the Benefits

smudging, spiritual cleansing, to remove evil, negative energy and darl cloud

Smudging ceremonies is a practice that is done worldwide. it involves burning plant resins and herbs. it’s done with intentions and prayers. For centuries, Native Africans and other cultures Have practiced smudging to clear away negative energy and invite peace and harmony for someone or a place. The smoke from the herbs and resins is blown like a spiritual cleansing bath surrounding the person or the space.

The intention of this cleansing ritual is to get rid of any impurities, anxieties, sadness, and also dark thoughts. Or unwanted energies that may have attached themselves to a space or someone.

Smudging is usually performed before or as part of a ritual to clear a place and a person from certain thoughts or feelings that will damage their lives. For this reason, setting a clear intention while smudging is very important.

As the smudging ceremony is practiced, the smoke rises, and so do the prayers to the universe, the animals, the plants, and the water. The burning of sacred plants such as sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. And to name a few support the connection to the sacred realms between the earth and spirit. Through this connection to the spirit, the smoke bath lifts negative feelings and energy. Creating an opening for prayers and intentions to be heard and bringing positive intentions into practice.


These are a few of the plant herds used for smudging and the traditional meaning they represent:

  • Sage offers, wisdom strength, clarity, and vision; a few also know it as medicine for Women.
  • Cedar is used to heighten positive energy, uplift feelings, and evoke positive emotions. Cedar helps to purify and brings back the balance.
  • Sweetgrass is one of the four herbal plants used by traditional Africans and other places. It symbolizes kindness and is known as the hair of the earth.
  • Tobacco is believed to be a gateway or a bridge or a connection between the Earth and Spirit world. in the past, if the tobacco offered was accepted, then sacred promise was sealed. It can be used as a way to thank the universe.
  • Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal and is used the same way as Sage in preparation for meditation, creative endeavors, and ceremonies.


Smudging can also be done before any kind of ritual or spell casting,  meditation, house cleansing, and in nature. have the following items before you start the ritual:

a clay bowl, a large clam shell or abalone shell, herbs of your choice to burn (remove stems), wooden matches, and a large feather or your hand to wave smoke. Open windows to allow for proper ventilation.

Take your time and experience the smoke rising and purifying allowing the smell of the incense and herbs to bring you into a place of pure presence. As you call forth your intentions and visions. stay curious and open-hearted as you perform the smudging ritual. For information about smudging or if you need it done for you, please get in touch with Baba dodu




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