Warding Off Curses: Complete Guide on Detecting, Removing & Preventing Harmful Curses

Warding off curses

Warding off curses

Many people feel cursed or hexed at some point in their lives. A curse or hex is negative energy directed at you with the intention to cause harm. This harmful energy can affect all areas of your life including relationships, career, health, and finances. The good news is there are many effective techniques to ward off curses and cleanse yourself of negative energy. With some basic knowledge and supplies, you can take back control and live freely without fear of curses or hexes.

Detecting curses and hexes

The first step is determining if you are indeed cursed or hexed. Some common signs include:

  • Experiencing bad luck or a string of misfortunes
  • Feeling drained, depressed or anxious for no reason
  • Having relationship problems or breakups
  • Dealing with illnesses that are difficult to diagnose or treat
  • Having trouble moving forward in your career or finding a job

You may begin to feel like you are stuck in quicksand and things are progressively getting worse. Listen to your intuition if you feel you have been cursed or hexed.

Simple techniques to break curses and hexes

Fortunately, you can start taking action right away to break curses and hexes with these simple techniques:

Burn cleansing herbs

Burning cleansing herbs like sage, frankincense or myrrh can purify your energy and clear away negative vibrations. Open the windows and let the smoke permeate your home. You can also light cleansing herbs at your office, in your car or any space that needs an energy reset.

Take purifying baths or showers

Bathing is another easy way to wash off hexing energy and recharge your aura. Add a cup of sea salt, baking soda and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your bath water. Soak for at least 15 minutes as you visualize being immersed in bright, glowing white light. Burn some sage in the bathroom at the same time for maximum results.

Use protective crystals

Crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian and onyx absorb and repel negative energy. Place them by your front door, under your bed, in your car or purse. Wearing crystal jewelry can also strengthen your aura and psychic shield.

Practice positive affirmations

Affirmations focus your energy on abundance and prosperity. Repeat positive phrases like “I am safe and protected by divine light” or “I let go of all forms of curses and black magic.” Even just 5 minutes per day can shift your mindset from fear to empowerment.

Potent curse removal rituals

If simple remedies are not enough, try these more powerful rituals to decisively break the effects of any curses or hexes and prevent future attacks:

Egg cleansing ritual

Eggs can absorb negative energy from your aura. Pass a fresh, uncooked egg over your body from head to toe then crack it open into a glass bowl. If the egg yolk looks odd, cloudy or discolored, the egg has absorbed negative energy. Throw the egg out and immediately wash the bowl. You may need to repeat this ritual several times.

Fiery brick shampoo

This is an intense South American technique to burn away curses. In a cauldron, boil a brick broken up into small pieces together with a handful of salt, a handful of rice, some rosemary, rue and a drizzle of olive oil. Turn off the heat and let cool. Strain and use the brick water to wash your hair and scrub your body while visualizing any hexes burning away. Rinse off immediately.

Consult a professional

For extremely strong or persistent curses, you may need help from spiritual workers like shamans, rootworkers, or priests experienced in curse removal rituals. Be cautious of scammers. Seek someone who comes highly recommended by trusted friends or family. A professional can diagnose the exact nature of the curse and perform tailored cleansing ceremonies to finally put an end to the suffering hex.

Warding off future curses

Once you have broken the effects of any existing curses or hexes, you should take proactive steps to shield yourself from future harm. Here are some excellent techniques for curse prevention:

  • Place holy symbols like crosses or evil eye talismans around your home
  • Wear amulets with protection sigils or runes
  • Perform monthly spiritual cleanses to keep your energy clear
  • Learn to psychically shield yourself through visualizations
  • Frequently burn warding herbs like rosemary, cinnamon and bay leaves
  • Take an uncrossing or jinx-removing bath once a week
  • Avoid or protect yourself from people wishing you harm
  • Petition your spirit guides and ancestors for ongoing protection

With diligence, purification rituals and a positive mindset you can remain curse-free indefinitely. Remember your power over your life. Hope and light are always stronger than fear and darkness.

In conclusion

If you feel you have been cursed, hope is not lost. There are time-tested techniques like smudging, affirmations, and protective amulets that can help reverse the harmful effects of curses and hexes. For stubborn or long-term curses, seek help from an experienced spiritual practitioner to completely free yourself through customized cleansing ceremonies. With the right knowledge and tools, you can reclaim your power, restore blessings to your life and ward off any future curses or negative vibrations. Stay positive and trust that benevolent spiritual forces are working in your favor.

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