Potent Spells to Make Him Utterly Obsessed With You

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Spells to Make Him Obsessed With You

Do you want the man you love to only have eyes for you? Are you looking for spells to make him obsessed with you? You have come to the right place! As an expert in witchcraft and spellcasting, I can help you cast powerful magic to make any man utterly obsessed and devoted to you.

Why Make Him Obsessed?

You may be wondering – is it ethical to use magic to make someone obsessed? I believe that as long as your intentions are good and you don’t intend any harm, using spells to attract love is perfectly fine. We all deserve to be adored and desired. Magic simply helps tip the scales in your favor.

Making him obsessed has many benefits:

  • He will constantly think about you and long for your presence.
  • He won’t even notice other women. You will have his undivided romantic and sexual attention.
  • He will make you his top priority and do anything to please you.
  • The obsessive thoughts will make him fall deeply in love with you.
  • You will feel desired, adored, and secure in the relationship.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Keep reading to learn how to cast fail-proof obsession spells.

Potent Spells for Obsession

The following are my 3 most powerful spells to make him obsessed with you:

  1. Candle Spell for Obsession

For this spell you will need:

  • Pink candle (for love)
  • Photo of your beloved
  • Rose essential oil
  • Lighter

Anoint the candle with rose oil from the middle to the top. Place your beloved’s photo in front of the candle. Light the candle and gaze deeply at the flame. Chant this spell:

“With this flame so bright and pink, (his name) is all I want to think. May he obsess of me each day, his heart to mine forever stay.”

Keep chanting until the candle has completely burned down. He will soon start obsessing over you day and night!

  1. Obsession Jar Spell

Gather these items:

  • Small glass jar with lid
  • strands of your hair
  • Sample of his hair/fingernail
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Paper with his name
  • Rose oil

Place the hair and paper in the jar. Drip several drops of rose oil over them. Drop in the rose quartz and seal the lid. Shake the jar and imagine him pining for you. Chant:

“Locked in this jar, passionate obsession. (his name) burns for my affection. He’ll crave my touch and long for my kiss, enslaved by love that never misses.”

Keep the jar in your room. Shake it daily while repeating the chant. He will be completely obsessed!

  1. Obsession Powder Spell

Mix together:

  • 1 tsp rose oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp patchouli oil
  • Pinch of rosemary
  • Pinch of your hair

Sprinkle this obsession powder in his clothes, bed, car, or wherever he spends time. As he inhales the scent, he will obsess over you constantly.


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Signs Its Working

How will you know when the **spells to make him obsessed **have worked? Watch for these signs:

  • He texts or calls you constantly.
  • He shows up unexpectedly to see you.
  • He seems jealous when you talk to other men.
  • He brings you flowers, gifts, and other surprises.
  • His social media is flooded with photos and loving words about you.
  • He makes grand romantic gestures to impress you.
  • He wants to be intimate with you all the time.
  • He opens up and shares his deepest feelings and desires with you.

When you notice these behaviors, congratulate yourself on successfully making him obsessed! Now relax and enjoy the fruits of your magical labor.

Ethical Usage

As his obsession grows, remember to wield your power wisely. Avoid abusing his devotion or taking him for granted. Set healthy boundaries and encourage positive behaviors. Make sure the relationship nurtures you both.

Also, know when enough is enough. If he becomes so obsessed that it harms his health or happiness, it may be time to remove the spell. But in most cases, he will simply feel blissfully addicted to you!

Are you ready to make that man utterly obsessed? Contact me to get started with a customized spell to make him obsessed with you today!

About Baba Dodu

I have helped countless clients find love, lust and obsession through the mystical arts. My powerful spells get real results. I customize my work to your unique situation and needs. Contact me today to get the man of your dreams absolutely obsessed with you. Act now and enjoy a loving, passionate relationship faster than you ever imagined possible!


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