Powerful Spells to Get Rid of Someone Forever – Baba Dodu’s Ritual Guide

spell to get get rid of someone

Powerful Spells to Get Rid of Someone

Are you looking for powerful spells that can help you get rid of someone from your life permanently? You have come to the right place! As an experienced spell caster, I have helped many people banish unwanted people from their lives through my powerful yet ethical magic spells.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth look at powerful spells that can help you get rid of someone for good. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Banishment Spells and How Do They Work?

Banishment spells, also known as elimination spells or riddance spells, are a form of magic that aims to remove a person permanently from your life. These spells work by cutting off the energetic and spiritual connection between you and the other person, essentially making you strangers.

When cast correctly by an experienced practitioner (root worker) like me, banishment spells can completely remove the unwanted person from your surroundings, social circles, thoughts, and life in general. The person will no longer be inclined to interact with you or cross your path.

Here are some of the ways these powerful spells work:

  • Blocking communication and hiding you from the person’s vision
  • Encouraging the person to avoid you and leave your presence
  • Promoting distance and disharmony between you
  • Cutting off emotional, spiritual, and psychic bonds
  • Creating barriers to prevent interaction or reconciliation

The key is breaking the ties that bind you together, energetically and spiritually. When those connections are severed, the person will fade out of your reality.

When Should You Use Banishment Spells?

Banishing spells are intended for extreme cases when you absolutely need to remove someone who is causing harm or negatively impacting your life.

Here are some examples of appropriate situations to use these spells:

  • Removing an abusive ex-partner or family member
  • Eliminating a hostile coworker or boss
  • Getting rid of a toxic friend who drains your energy
  • Banishing a dangerous stalker
  • Removing interference from a meddling in-law
  • Cutting ties with a cheating spouse
  • Ending harassment from a bully or enemy

A banishing spell is serious magic and should only be used for people who are severely negatively affecting you or posing an extreme threat to your well-being and safety. These spells are not for petty disagreements or minor conflicts. I cast these spells ethically for clients who genuinely need protection and relief.

3 Powerful Spells to Get Rid of Someone Forever

If you have tried everything else and really need strong magic to solve your problem, these are three of the most powerful banishment spells I can perform for clients:

The Seven Knives Banishing Ritual

This intense ritual entails casting a circle, invoking banishing energy, and ritualistically “cutting” the connection with the unwanted person using seven magically charged knives. Each knife absorbs the energy binding you together, essentially destroying the relationship. This ritual provides immediate relief by energetically eliminating the person from your space.

The Voodoo Doll Banishing Spell

For this spell, I create a doll representing the unwanted person and perform a ritual imbued with your intention to remove them from your life. Piercing the doll destroys your connection while binding and isolating the doll blocks their energy. This traditional form of banishing shifts the target away while protecting you.

The Photograph Destruction Spell

I write the person’s name on a piece of paper, place it under their photograph, then burn or shred both. As the photo is destroyed, so too is your connection with them. This symbolic act instantly begins severing energetic, emotional, and spiritual ties. couples, students, or teenagers with confidence issues.

How to Perform a Simple Photo Banishing Spell at Home

If you need a fast solution, try this simple photo banishing spell:

Supplies Needed:

  • Photo of the person
  • Cauldron or heatproof bowl
  • Lighter or matches
  • Knife or scissors
  • Blank paper
  • Black permanent marker


  1. Write the person’s name on the blank paper
  2. Place their photo face down on top of the paper
  3. Use the knife or scissors to destroy the photo and paper
  4. Burn the paper and photo remnants in the cauldron or bowl
  5. Visualize the person disappearing from your life as the photo burns
  6. Once completely burned, bury or discard the ashes and remains

Be sure to focus your intention clearly on removing the person from your life fully and permanently. Perform this spell during a waning moon to enhance the banishing effects.

FAQs About Banishment Spells

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about spells to get rid of someone:

Are these spells safe to use?

My banishment spells are crafted carefully to be effective yet ethical. I do not aim to harm the target, only remove them from your life. However, all magic carries risk, so these spells should be used cautiously.

How soon will the spells take effect?

Most clients report noticeable results in the first 1-3 weeks, though the effects intensify over several months. Consistent spiritual work amplifies the results.

What if the spell stops working?

In rare cases, the person may try to force their way back in. I can provide booster spells or intensify the original working to re-establish protection.

Can the spell be reversed?

Banishment magic is quite permanent, however, reconciliation spells may be able to reopen energetic pathways. This is only recommended if the target has positively transformed.

Will I get bad karma?

My spells avoid manipulative techniques and inflicting harm, focusing instead on simply removing the person’s influence. This minimizes karmic backlash. However, all magic has consequences.

How much do these spells cost?

My prices vary based on the specific spell. Please contact me for a quote for your unique situation. I aim to provide ethical and affordable solutions.

Trust Baba Dodu for Humane Yet Effective Banishment Spells

If you have exhausted all other options and need a permanent solution, my customized banishment rituals can help you cut ties with someone negatively impacting your life. I have years of experience providing ethical and powerful magic to help clients find relief and regain control.

Contact me today to get a free consultation for your situation. I will evaluate your case discreetly and provide honest advice on your best approach. With my customized spells, I can create a ritual plan tailored to resolve your problem for good.

Do not allow a toxic person to continue plaguing your life and draining your energy. You have power through spiritual solutions. Let me know your needs and together we can perform magic to get this negative influence out of your life permanently. Relief and renewal await you!




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