Putting roots roots in someone – tips and tricks for deepening connections

What does putting roots on someone mean, The benefit of putting roots on a person. for love passion and affection in your relationship

What does putting roots on someone mean

Putting roots on someone originated in ancient Africa, which refers to controlling someone’s actions or cursing them. It was typically used for revenge against enemies or those who had harmed you. If roots were placed on someone, they were cursed, leading to bad luck and misfortune. This practice was prevalent in the old days.

Over time, using roots on someone evolved to solve various problems, such as family issues, relationship troubles, and financial difficulties. One may wonder how putting roots on someone can solve these issues, but the powers in the spells and chants make it possible.

How to put roots on a person

It’s important to seek the guidance of an experienced spell caster before considering putting roots on someone. This is because the process involves various spells, such as Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wicca, or Black Magic, depending on your background. Also, specific requirements, such as local herbs, fire, and personal items belonging to the person you wish to put roots on, are necessary before starting the ritual. However, only photos are required for clients who are far away, and I will take care of the rest.

How do you know if someone has put a root on you?

Discovering that roots have been put on you is rare, with only a 2/10 chance due to the incredible power of the magic involved. However, the effects of the ritual are profound, causing new emotions and experiences that were previously unknown. It’s often someone else who realizes that roots have been placed on you, as it takes a particular person to perceive it.

If someone has put roots on you to cause harm, you’ll notice a drastic change in your life. Your plans, dreams, and hope may start to crumble as the negative energy from the spell and ritual take effect. Curses and misfortune may follow you wherever you go.

However, putting roots on someone can also have positive effects, particularly in friendships and relationships. For close friends, the ritual may awaken solid emotions and feelings that were previously dormant. It can increase obedience, respect, faithfulness, love, and passion for married couples, strengthening their bond. It’s essential to seek the help of an experienced spell caster when considering such practices. Personal items and local herbs may be required for the ritual, but only photos may be necessary for long-distance clients.

The benefit of putting roots on a person

This ritual originally involved cursing, but it can also be used to solve relationship and financial issues. Here are some of its applications:

  • Love: It’s painful when the person you love doesn’t love you back. Putting roots in them can make your feelings mutual and help you get the love life you dream of.
  • Attraction: Trying to charm someone can be costly and complicated. With roots, you can attract the person you desire and bind them to you.
  • Marriage bond strengthening: Small issues can cause fights and marriage arguments. By putting roots on someone you like, you can eliminate the problems that lead to separation and ensure a stronger bond.
  • Relationship commitment: Many people fear commitment in relationships, which can be heartbreaking for those serious about their partners. Putting roots on them can make them commit to you.
  • Revenge: If someone has hurt you and gotten away with it, putting roots on them can be a way to get revenge.

However, being transparent and honest about your intentions before performing this ritual is essential. Seeking consultation or the help of a professional like Baba Dodu can also be beneficial.


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