Beginner’s Guide to Protection Magic, Spells, and Rituals

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The Power of Protection Spells and Rituals

Welcome, seekers of spiritual wisdom and power! I am Baba Dodu, a respected practitioner of ancient magics and rituals. Today I will share my knowledge of protection spells and rituals to shield you from harm.

What is Protection Magic?

Protection magic uses energy and intention to create an invisible barrier around yourself, your home, or your loved ones. This shield protects against negative forces, spirits, hexes, and the evil eye.

Protection spells call upon benevolent spirits, gods, or ancestors to watch over you. They reinforce your own energy field and aura. Think of it like spiritual armor!

Why Do You Need Protection?

In this modern world, we face energies and entities seeking to do harm:

  • Curses and hexes from envious people
  • Evil spirits and astral nasties
  • Psychic vampires who drain your energy
  • The evil eye and ill wishes

Without spiritual protection, you’re vulnerable to these attacks. They can sap your strength, cloud your mind, and bring misfortune.

Protection magic shields you so you can live in peace and fulfill your potential.

Simple Rituals for Beginners

You don’t need to be an advanced mage to use protection rituals. Here are some easy ones I recommend for beginners:

1. Shielding Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize a sphere of white light surrounding your body. See it as a force field keeping negativity out and positivity in. Say:

I am shielded in light and protected from harm.

Repeat whenever you feel the need for spiritual armor.

2. Angelic Protection Sigil

Draw this angelic sigil on paper and carry it with you:

As you draw, chant:

Angels of protection, guard me now from all directions.

3. Black Tourmaline Crystal

Keep a piece of black tourmaline on your altar or by your bed. This stone deflects psychic attacks and evil eye. Hold it when stressed or afraid and let its healing energy protect you.

Advanced Spells for Greater Safety

Once you master the basics, try these more powerful rituals:

Fiery Wall of Protection

Light a circle of red candles around yourself and chant:

With fire and light, this space is sealed. Harm and misfortune now repealed.

Mirror Spell

Place a mirror in a window reflecting outside to bounce negativity back to its source.

Four Thieves Vinegar

Add rosemary, sage, lemon peels, garlic, and vinegar to a mason jar. After 2 weeks, strain and use to purify your home.

Herbal Protection Bath

Add hyssop, rue, salt, and basil to bathwater. Soak and visualize a white aura around your body.

Ongoing Protection from Baba Dodu

For ongoing safety from harm, contact me, Baba Dodu! I have powerful voodoo rituals to protect you and your loved ones without side effects.

My customers enjoy prosperity, romance, and success thanks to my spells’ fast results. I can shield you from envious enemies and remove evil eyes and hexes cast against you. My protection rituals karma free!

Friends, do not live in fear any longer. Reach out now to begin your spiritual protection journey!

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