How to Remove a Hex or Curse – Protection & Cleansing Rituals

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Have you been experiencing unusual bad luck lately? Do you feel like someone has placed a hex or curse on you? Removing a hex or curse is possible with the right techniques and rituals. In this article, renowned spiritual advisor Baba Dodu provides his expert guidance on detecting and removing hexes or curses.

What Is a Hex or Curse?

A hex or curse is a form of negative energy directed at a person with the intention of causing harm. Symptoms of being hexed or cursed can include:

  • Unusual bad luck
  • Feeling drained of energy
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Relationship problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Illness or poor health

Hexes and curses are placed by envious people seeking to damage another person. The malicious party recruits dark forces to cause misfortune to their target.

How to Tell if You’re Hexed

Wondering if someone has placed a hex or curse on you? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Your luck has taken an unusual turn for the worse
  • You feel unusually tired or drained of energy
  • You’ve had a run of bad dreams or nightmares
  • Electronics act up in your presence
  • You’ve had itchy skin, rashes, or allergies
  • Animals seem afraid of you
  • You’ve had many minor injuries or accidents

If several of these apply to you, it’s possible a hex or curse is the cause. Consulting a spiritual advisor can provide confirmation.

5 Ways to Remove a Hex or Curse

Once you suspect you’re the victim of a hex or curse, taking action to remove it is crucial. Here are 5 techniques recommended by Baba Dodu to lift a hex or curse:

1. Burning Cleansing Herbs

Burning cleansing herbs like sage, frankincense, or myrrh can help purge dark energy from yourself and your home. Open windows and let the smoke permeate every corner. Visualize the smoke lifting away the curse.

2. Ritual Baths or Showers

Take a spiritual bath or shower using ingredients like sea salt, hyssop, rue, or basil. As you cleanse yourself visualize the hex being dissolved and washed away. Pray or recite affirmations of protection.

3. Egg Cleansing

Rub a fresh egg all over your body then crack it into a glass of water. The egg absorbs negative energy. If the egg sinks or forms odd shapes, the curse is confirmed. Flush the egg water down the toilet to be rid of the hex.

4. Mirror Box

Place small mirrors facing outwards around white candles in a box. Leave the box open in your home and visualize it reflecting the curse back to the sender. Let the candles burn out, then bury or discard the box.

5. Consult a Spiritual Advisor

Speaking with an experienced spiritual advisor like Baba Dodu can provide specially tailored recommendations about breaking a curse based on your unique situation. Advisors offer specific prayers, rituals, and talismans to lift the hex and restore your luck.

Protect Yourself from Future Hexes

Once you remove a hex, be proactive about protecting yourself from future curses. Recommended precautions include:

  • Carry protective amulets or charms
  • Use spiritual cleansing rituals regularly
  • Burn incense like frankincense
  • Apply black tourmaline or obsidian
  • Wear silver jewelry
  • Place salt lines around your home
  • Hang mirrors near entryways

With Baba Dodu’s expert guidance, you can detect, remove, and protect yourself from the misfortune caused by hexes and curses. Don’t wait to take back control over your luck – contact Baba Dodu today to arrange a consultation!

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