How to Rekindle Lost Love in Your Relationship: Baba Dodu Shares Expert Advice

how to bring back lost love in a relationship

How to Bring Back Lost Love in a Relationship


Losing the spark in a romantic relationship can be heartbreaking. When love seems to slip away, it’s natural to feel confused, hurt or even desperate to rekindle the flame. Baba Dodu understands better than anyone that relationships require nurturing and care to thrive. The good news is there are always actions you can take to reconnect with your partner and potentially bring back lost love.

Reflect on What Changed

When a loving relationship starts to falter, it’s important to reflect on what has shifted. Spend time thinking about when you first noticed the distance growing between you and your partner. Did the dynamic change after a major life event like a move, job change or family illness? Or have you slowly grown apart over time without an obvious catalyst? Understanding the timeline of events provides insight into why your connection has weakened.

Additionally, reflect honestly about any ways you may have let down your partner or taken them for granted. It’s not about blaming yourself, but rather recognizing areas for self-improvement. This thoughtful evaluation lays the foundation to rebuild intimacy.

Reach Out with Vulnerability

Once you have reflected inward, it’s time to courageously reach out to your partner. Extend an olive branch by inviting them to have an open and honest discussion about the relationship. Pick a time when you are both relaxed and not rushed or distracted.

Baba Dodu advises approaching the conversation gently and leading with vulnerability. For example, you might say: “I’ve noticed we don’t laugh together as easily as we used to. That worries me because I treasure what we have and don’t want to lose our connection. I’m hoping we could talk openly about how to get back what we once had.”

This sets the tone that rekindling intimacy will require effort and compromise from both people. Be prepared to listen earnestly as your partner shares their perspective.

Rebuild Emotional Intimacy

If your partner seems receptive to giving things another try, commit to rebuilding the emotional intimacy that once came more naturally earlier in the relationship. Set aside regular date nights devoted to having quality time together away from television, kids or other distractions. Use the time to ask meaningful questions, be fully present and bond by engaging in activities you both enjoy.

Additionally, express appreciation for your partner’s admirable qualities and efforts in the relationship rather than taking them for granted. Compliment them, give sincere praise, and find lighthearted opportunities for laughter, inside jokes and pleasure. This warmth and positive regard helps recreate the spark.

Seek Outside Support If Needed

Despite best intentions, some relationships have eroded to the point that both people feel too much hurt, resentment or disappointment to successfully reconnect alone. If repeated attempts to restore intimacy fail, Baba Dodu suggests seeking outside support. This may involve couple’s counseling with a therapist trained in helping partners rediscover love, or getting advice from a trusted spiritual advisor like Baba Dodu.

With some relationships it is possible to fall back in love by better understanding your partner’s needs and relearning how to meet them. Baba Dodu has seen many couples reignite fading flames when both people make the relationship a priority. Have hope and reach out today!

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