Cord Cutting Spell – How To Cut Energetic Cords for Healing & Freedom

cord cutting spells

Cord Cutting Spell: How to Sever Toxic Ties and Move Forward

Ending a toxic relationship can be extremely difficult. Even when you know someone is bad for you, the attachment and history makes it hard to fully cut the ties and move on. This is where a cord cutting spell can help.

A cord cutting ritual allows you to spiritually and energetically sever the cords that bind you to a person, releasing the hold they have over you. Once performed properly, it frees you from the negative attachments, patterns and energy from that relationship, providing closure so you can heal and move forward.

What Is A Cord Cutting Spell and How Does It Work?

A cord cutting spell is a ritualistic practice found in various metaphysical traditions designed to break energetic cords between people. These invisible cords form attachments and unhealthy bonds that continue feeding the relationship long after it has turned toxic.

The cords represent the flow of energy between two people. When a relationship becomes strained or poisoned, negative energy continues passing back and forth through these cords, keeping you trapped even if logically you know you should leave.

By performing a cord cutting ritual, you spiritual sever these energetic ties. This stops the flow of bad energy, removes emotional hooks and attachments, and severs unwanted soul bonds. Once done, you are freed from the energetic pull this person had over you.

Simply put, it spiritually cuts the ties to the relationship so you can move on with your life. You break the soul-level connections so you are no longer energetically bound to that person.

Why Would You Want To Cut Energy Cords?

There are many reasons you may want or need to cut the invisible energetic cords between you and another person. Here are some of the most common:

  • Ended a toxic or abusive relationship. Romantic breakups or divorces can leave energetic cords still in place, which can make it hard to move on. A cord cutting frees you from these hooks so you can find inner peace.
  • Healing from emotional trauma. If someone caused you deep emotional pain, trauma bonds and scars can form. A ritual to cut cords can help you detach from the suffering so you can start to heal.
  • Escaping negative patterns. Harmful cycles with family, friends, co-workers or others can keep repeating through energetic cords. Severing them allows new, healthy patterns to take form.
  • Removing unhealthy attachments. Codependent relationships form strong energetic attachments or even addictions. Cutting these cords helps you become more spiritually independent.
  • Recovering personal power. Manipulators and emotional vampires can drain your energy through your cords. Breaking them prevents further energy draining.
  • Letting go of grief or guilt. Holding onto grief, regret or guilt keeps you energetically bound to a person or situation. Cutting cords releases these lower vibrations.
  • Inner peace and closure. Lingering resentment, anger and unfinished business all tie you energetically to a person. The ritual can provide resolution so you can have inner peace.

Overall, a cord cutting ritual allows you to detach from all the negative energies, patterns and baggage from a relationship so you can thrive. It’s an incredibly healing way to find closure and start fresh.

How To Perform A Cord Cutting Spell

Ready to cut the cords? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to performing the ritual:

Set Your Intention

First, sit quietly and focus on your intention for the ritual. Think about the person you want to cut cords with and why. Envision yourself being free from this relationship and sending them love.

Setting a clear purpose ensures the ceremony achieves what you need for your highest good. Write your intention down if that helps strengthen it.

Cleanse Your Energy

Next you’ll want to cleanse your own energy field to clear away any negative energy. You can take a bath with sea salt or epsom salt, burn sage or palo santo, or visualize white light washing over your body.

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need two cords and something to cut them with. Many use different colored ribbons or ropes. You’ll also need a representation for each person – photographs, paper with names on them, candles, or any symbolic item can work.

Optional materials include sage, candles, crystals like obsidian or carnelian, essential oils like frankincense, and a container with salt or dirt to bury the cords.

Call In Spirit Support

Before starting the ritual, call in any spirit guides, angels or divine beings you work with to oversee the ceremony. Ask them to hold sacred space and help transmute all negative energy released. Their presence fortifies the ritual.

Bind the Cords

Grab the two cords and tie them together securely in the middle to represent the attachment. As you tie them, focus on the relationship and the energetic bonds you want to sever.

Connect the Representations

Next, attach each end of the bound cords to the person’s symbolic representation – one in each hand is easiest. Hold the representations and state each person’s name out loud.Speak from the heart about the relationship and need for release.

Cut the Cords

When ready, take the shears and cut the cords in the center binding spot to fully sever the tie. Let all emotions flow through you. Repeat this if needed until the cords are fully cut. Say out loud “I now cut all cords between myself and [name]”

Clear the Energy

After cutting, throw away or burn the cords immediately. Bury them in dirt or salt if you prefer. Thank any spirits for their assistance. Take time to ground and clear your energy again by meditating, envisioning light, or any method you like.

After the Ritual Cutting Cords Spell

Once you complete the ritual, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Healing takes time. The cords have been cut, but full healing may take time and self-care. Be patient and compassionate with yourself through the process.
  • Cords can reform. If you resume contact or the relationship, new cords may start forming. Periodic cord cuttings may be needed if ties re-form.
  • Remove reminders. Getting rid of objects, photos, gifts etc. can help strengthen the cutting process by removing physical reminders.
  • Cleanse living spaces. After cutting ties, cleanse your home to clear out any lingering energy. Open windows, burn sage, play cleansing music, or “smudge” the space.
  • Journal about it. Writing about your feelings and the meaning behind the ritual can help integrate the experience. Notice how you feel lighter, freer, and more at peace.
  • Affirm your new path. Begin inwardly affirming how you are now moving forward free from those energetic bonds now that you have completed the cord cutting spell.

Variations on the Cord Cutting Ritual

There are many variations on the classic cord cutting ceremony to fit your unique needs:

  • Visualization – For a simpler ritual, sit and intently visualize the cords being severed instead of physically cutting ribbons. Works well for cutting etheric cords.
  • Cord burning – Write each name on a piece of paper, connect them with string, then burn the cord and paper to ash in a fireproof bowl.
  • Water cutting – Tie stones with names to the cords then cut the cords and drop stones into separate bowls of water to drift apart.
  • Crystals– Place black tourmaline or other cleansing stones between you and the symbolic representations during the ritual to help absorption of negativity.
  • Essential oils – Anoint the cords with frankincense, ylang ylang or clary sage oil to amplify the cleansing.

Use your intuition to modify the ritual into anything that feels powerful and transformative for you.

When Should You Avoid Cutting Cords?

While cutting cords can provide immense healing, there are times when caution should be taken or avoided:

  • If giving up energetic ties with someone would harm yourself or others.
  • If the cord cutting is being done to manipulate or punish others, rather than heal yourself.
  • If it feels guided to simply distance yourself but not completely sever energetic ties.
  • When working through issues with the support of therapists, healers, support groups, etc.
  • If still working through grief, trauma, or abandonment issues around the relationship.
  • If you have no experience with energy work and participate in rituals blindly without proper precautions.

As with any spiritual practice, common sense should be used to determine if/when a cord cutting ritual is appropriate. Always listen to your own inner guidance.

Turn To A Professional Cord Cutter If Needed

If you feel the energetic cords with a person are particularly stubborn or the relationship was highly toxic, seeking help from a professional may be advised.

Trained practitioners well-versed in spiritual energy work can conduct the ritual for you or with you, bringing a refined skill and power to the process.

They may employ additional energy clearing techniques before, during and after the ritual to remove any lingering debris and re-balance your system. This provides a thorough energetic “scrub”.

While a basic cord cutting can absolutely be done solo, a professional can ensure it’s done completely and safely. Consider it for those extra challenging situations still haunting you.

Cut Cords With Me For Full Freedom

As an experienced Baba, I have helped countless people find freedom, healing and closure through customized cord cutting rituals. I incorporate my expertise in energy clearing, powerful spirit communication and deep spiritual wisdom into each ceremony.

If you feel blocked from moving forward, energically entangled, plagued by destructive relationship patterns, or tormented by someone from your past, my individualized cord cutting services can help sever these ties permanently so you can reclaim your personal power.

I will guide you through a thorough energetic cleansing, tailored cord cutting ritual, energy balancing, and provide spiritual counseling before and after to ensure your cords are completely cut and not reformed. You will tangibly feel the shift as you are unbound from energetic weights holding you back.

My connection to spirit and natural psychic gifts allow me to see the precise cords that need removing and conduct a potent severing. No matter how long or tightly you’ve been bound to a person, my ceremonial process will free you fully.

Don’t wait to reclaim your happiness and sense of freedom! Reach out today for an intuitive cord cutting session customized specifically for your unique situation. Together we will call forward the ideal healing needed to finally cut cords with your past and step into your brightest future unbound.

Ready To Cut Cords And Free Yourself?

Unhealthy energetic attachments to others can infringe on your happiness, self-worth and personal power. A cord cutting ritual allows you to sever those ties so you can thrive independently.

If you seek to end destructive relationship patterns, find closure from emotional wounds, heal from trauma and abuse, or remove any lingering energetic connections stopping you from moving forward, a potent yet simple cord cutting ceremony can help set you free.

You possess the power to break these invisible energetic chains and reclaim your power. Begin your freedom journey today by performing the cord cutting ritual provided here or connecting with a professional like myself skilled in releasing you fully from past bonds with compassion and care.

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